For 27 years, I lived somebody else’s life. Now reclaiming what is rightfully mine, one story at a time.

I like to live inside my head, strongly dislike rules, and yeah, I write about stuff

Photo of Author. Me pretending to enjoy a Sunset while guiding my partner to get the “right” shot.

I grew up in a collectivistic society, where the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” wasn’t open-ended.

The only acceptable answer, especially for those who performed better than average at school, was a Doctor or an Engineer. …


Experience freedom from your mind and from everything else

Photo by Anna-Louise from Pexels

Most people pretentiously like sun-rises and choose to believe that there’s something positive to look forward to every morning. It’s like we decided to collectively delude ourselves into waking up early and hoping that today will be better than yesterday — that this act has some meaning.

In contrast, she…


Why should food photography enthusiasts have all the fun?

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Step 1: Discard your perfectly good pre-selected option.

I had a pack of cheddar cheese waiting in my refrigerator. It’s been good, it’s been patient, and I had a promise to keep. Before it expires, I was to make a crisp grilled cheese, sprinkle some pepper and consume it.

I gave it no warnings and just decided to…


Consider yourself officially warned

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Allow me to transport you to early 2019, when the times were simpler, and crowds gathered for no discernible purpose whatsoever. A mediocre post-apocalyptic horror movie was randomly released on Netflix, wherein demons drove people suicidal through the gift of sight.

We helped the movie producers earn some serious moolah…


Around the familiar bend, awaiting the wings of hope

Photo by Masha Raymers from Pexels

When the journey’s blurry,
Makes scarce sense,
It’s me who’s lacking,
Sieve wrong from right.

Can’t trace the beginning,
How to push forward?
Stuck and buried under,
No comfort on the horizon.

Fancied not knowing,
Meet riveting rest stops,
Sleep soundly today,
Awaken gently tomorrow.

A dry forehead,
Rhythmic beating of…

Debdutta Pal

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