Hi Nikki,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I, too, have had a similar high school experience, and I know how hard it is to talk about something like this. My inner voice also tells me that I should have just kept my mouth shut and not talked about sex so much. That was the main reason behind my “reputation.” I, too, lived in a world where guys could have endless conversations about sex and still be known for their other qualities and achievements, whereas I would only be known for this one thing.

Your analysis of this situation is brilliant and profound. Compassion is indeed the answer to this problem. Our inner voice is wrong; we could not have done better; we were children.

But, what you are doing now, in terms of writing about this topic, or teaching kids about compassion is incredible. All the best. :D

Taking a voyage into the depths of my mind, Navigating through waves, currents, and icebergs. Sharing some of my journeys with you.

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