I've always found the bra to be uncomfortable since I first wore a "real" one in high school. If I could, I would stop wearing one altogether, but alas, that is not always possible (for me).

The voice in my head is loud and prompt. When the doorbell rings, the first thing I reflexively do is throw on a scarf over my very opaque, loose-fitting, knee-length, t-shirt dress.

Slowly, and gradually, I am working on dropping several internalized notions to be able to choose comfort above everything else, and dress how I want to.

This is indeed an essential conversation to have. No one gets to decide what we can or cannot wear except us.

Thank you for sharing your story and an excellent read.

For 27 years, I lived somebody else’s life. Now reclaiming what is rightfully mine, one story at a time. Support me: https://ko-fi.com/debduttapal90

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