You are right Tracey, we could debate the "new normal" endlessly, but the fact remains that it is here. We have to adapt to it.

Things in my country (India) are opening up after two months of Lockdown, but the numbers are rising daily. People are going to shopping malls, restaurants, and parks. I understand the need to support local businesses and have been doing so from the beginning, but I don't understand going out of one's house without an urgent need or purpose.

The pandemic took a heavy toll on my mental health. Like you, I've had to cope with that as well as to adapt to the new normal, which in my opinion, is twice as hard.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts; this is a beautifully written piece.

All the best to you.

Taking a voyage into the depths of my mind, Navigating through waves, currents, and icebergs. Sharing some of my journeys with you.

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